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Experience the mystery of the Appalachian “Balds”!  Many think that both large herds of game animals and much later, early settlers grazed livestock on these rich, high meadows of tall grass each summer and kept trees and shrubs from encroaching. Others credit fires from summer lightning strikes for keeping these sometimes huge mountain openings clear. The “Beauty Spot” on top of Unaka Mountain Wilderness is an easy 8-mile drive (except in the wintertime, when 4-wheel drive may be necessary) from Downtown Erwin.

The beauty spot lives up to its name. It’s a grassy bald on the TN/NC border where the Appalachian Trail passes over the Unaka Mountain.  Best known for majestic sunsets and panoramic views, the Beauty Spot is one of the most easily accessible lookouts in Northeast Tennessee. It is one of three main lookouts on Unaka Mountain. The Beauty Spot is best known and most visited of the three. Along the way is Rock Creek Recreation Area and Falls which is another “must” for photographers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.  Please contact the Front Desk for directions or more information.

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