Motorcycle Tours

Tail of the Dragon exposure fixedWe are happy to provide suggestions and ride recommendations to ensure that your visit will be enjoyable. Regardless of whether it’s “the ride” or “the destination” that interests you most, we can point your headlight in the right direction.  Discover our less traveled roads or roads that have unique attractions just around the next turn. Roads that rival The Dragon and the Blue Ridge Parkway for excitement and adventure, but without the crowds. Discover quaint hidden valleys where life moves at a much slower pace and time seems to have “stood still”. “Snake through the TN Mountains for a “twistie” ride.

Have we mentioned food? Restaurants around the area offer something for every palate. From moist succulent Bar-B-Q and mouth watering steaks to some of the best home style cooking the south has to offer; we know where to find them!

Whether you plan to stay a day or two, or are just stopping for the night, our welcome mat is always out for our two and three-wheeled visitors. After a good ride, kick back and relive the day in story, or simply relax and enjoy the comraderie of fellow cyclists. We offer a motorcycle wash station and towels to clean your bike up after your ride. We understand the importance of keeping your safety chrome clean!

Guest Comments from the Fall Ride:

“My suggestion would be to take an extra day or two or more and ride the area on your own.  The Erwin, TN area is some of the best riding Pam and I have ever done.  You are only an hour from Asheville, NC and an hour from Boone, NC, in other words you are right in the mountains.” Ben Turner

“The Fall Colors Tour was a first time experience for us.  We weren’t sure what to expect.  This was the most enjoyable 3 days we have ever spent motorcycling.  To be catered to and taken care of like we were by the Staff …was enough to spoil anyone.  Wonderful food, fabulous ride and great entertainment were just a few of the exceptional activities that took place over the weekend.  It was nice to let someone else do it all for a change to include leading a great ride.  We thank all who made our weekend spectacular.  We will be back again.  Thanks for the memories.” Roger & Mary Gordon, WOW Chapter, Harlem, GA 

“Erwin was an awesome discovery for us, since it is so close! Mike and the hotel and all the other support, including our local Wing guides, was GREAT! Thanks again”.Lynne & Jerry Goebeler, Roswell, GA 

“The location and surrounding scenery was magnificent, the day ride on Saturday was well orchestrated, the festivities were well received, and the food and company were warm and friendly. I was already looking forward to coming back when we pulled out of the parking lot. Great job by everybody involved, and thanks for the memories”. Frank Clausen, Chattanooga, TN

“My wife and I certainly enjoyed the weekend with you folks and the ride was beautiful. We will be back again. Riding those mountain roads with people use to them was also a good learning experience for us. We learned some valuable lessons about riding a trike on mountain roads and curves. Thanks again for a great weekend.” John & Nancy, Franklin, TN 

“Count me in! I thought that Erwin was perfect, and I hope the rally is held there again next year”. Mike 

“The rides alone were worth the trip. I am thankful to have ridden on such amazing rides with even more amazing people. I had a great time. Erwin is beautiful, and I just wish I would have had more time to look around. It was great seeing everyone! Thanks to everyone for making it a success”! Tom, New Zealand


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